In the heart of the city

Prinsengracht 490 is located in the old centre of Amsterdam and has quite some history; Anne Frank was in hiding in the Achterhuis during the Second World War at Prinsengracht 265.

Other important landmarks in the neigbourhood are offcourse the Rijksmuseum, the Van Goghmuseum and the Museum of Modern Art, the Concert Hall en the City Theater; all within 8 walkin minutes from the guesthouse.

And for those who are addicted to shopping, two main shoppingstreets are just around the corner; the Leidse street for your regular clothes and gifts and the P.C. Hooftstreet for all your up scale clothing and luxory items. 

After shopping, visiting the museum or just strolling the beautiful canals and charming alleys one can sit down for dinner and pick just any of the 50 restaurants at Leidse Plein area in the direct vicinity of the Prinsengracht.

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